Poetry Performance at Otto's Shrunken Head

Performed, "Lizard Town", and Pregnant Lady on The Train

By John Abrahante
Saturday, September 19, 2015
3:23 am

Once, there was a man, who played the sickest games. He was called, Mr. Fun, ironically. He brushed his head with fiery chains, which hung from his ceiling like ornaments. These chains were made to give him wounds, and the fire was used to seal them. His skin grew back like a lizard’s tail, and body was sort of scaling. This man would torture little boys by throwing them in a maze. Then lace the floors with poison, as they walked in a barefoot daze. Unfortunately, for him, this would make the cooking harder. He had to cook the poison out with plenty of boiling water. The man was hard to injure, and to kill him was much harder. Though, many put up quite a fight, they all ended up in slaughter. One day, the man had raped a girl, and bloodied, she had fought him. She was a match for such a man, and stabbed him in the artery. He oozed out blood, but soon recovered, angry with his daughter. For, quickly he had realized, she had scales and called him father. Sickened, by his act of rape, the incest was a bother. But, soon, three other lizard kin were bore from his act of horror. He kissed them all, and hugged Suzanne. The name he gave his daughter. He suddenly, felt a throbbing pain, as the young 3 bit his arm off. They ate him live, they sucked his bones, and this was her revenge. They saved one part of Fun for her, the lizard they called mother. The part was genitalia, and it still retained the hard-on. She dipped the dick in boiling clay, and proceeded to fuck her twat up. Then, three young lizards sang and danced, to celebrate their mother. Until, she quickly ate them all. They squirmed down to her stomach. She walked away with head held high, and pride became her honor. Suzanne lived in a lizard town. To her, all this was normal.

- Lizard Tongued John

By John Abrahante
Monday, September 28, 2015

Pregnant lady on the train, pretty with a golden mane. Should I give my seat to her? Should I have to really care? I don't care enough I guess, or just too lazy to express? Three stops have already passed, I feel like a total ass. I said,"Would you like to sit"? She said, "Yes"!, and nodded quick. Did it change the way I felt? Maybe, but I still felt guilt. Would I rather sit and rest, or celebrate this suffrage fest. Maybe I'll just breathe a little, calm my nerves and not belittle. Anger gets the best of me, and so I'll smile and then I'll see. Yeah I'm feeling pretty good, but why am I now in the hood? I've let this situation fester. Now I'm up by bad westchester. Sight and speech are slowly fading. "Hey you walked right through me lady"! Wait a minute am I real? I pinched myself, but could not feel. So, what has happened, you may ask? Well, I had died and turned to grass. Then, this lady sat on me, as her water burst like pee. I became one with her baby. I know this all sounds real crazy, but I'm the new and old soul journey, old then new if you wanna get nerdy. So why did I think I was living...breathing, sitting and angrily gritting? I think that my soul forgot, and kept on moving till it stopped. It found an empty patch of grass, and that's where Mother put her ass. Now, I say mother cause she is. My souls jumped in her vag like jizz. It worked its way up to the baby. Then I became one with this lady. Forces of nature were hurting my belly, because I was transferring into her jelly. The juices of birth had welcomed me in, so I said,"Eh fuck it", and jumped right in. Then the sky turned milky white, they slapped my ass and squeezed me tight. This placed looked so strange, so plain. "Hey! It's the pregnant lady from the train!